Therapeutic Yoga

5-7 poses are designed for your session to be held for a period of time developing strength, flexibility, and promote relaxation.  By moving into stillness through the layers of the body, emotions and thoughts, we find our peaceful connection. This practice integrates restorative yoga, gentle yoga, energy work, breath, and guided meditation to support the healing body, mind and spirit. This practice develops self-healing through gentle Yin awareness, listening to the subtleties of our whole body.

Rollin' Therapy

Reveal and reevaluate goals and stressors through yin postures and breathwork aimed at inspiring inner peace and compassion. 

This is a one on one hour session for those individuals who are seeking energy work and inner peace while incorporating yoga poses. 

Vinyasa Yoga

This class is designed to warm up the body through breath work, Sun Salutations A & B, Balancing poses, floor work including core and stretching using props such as straps and blocks, followed by Savasana. This style of yoga will enhance vitality and improve focus while aligning the body.

Kids Yoga

Through music, stories, and props, kids learn to move into yoga poses, practicing flexibility, strength, and well-being. By doing this we empower their mind and spirit. Most important finding strength from within.

Session Times & Pricing

Private sessions -  60 Minutes - $70.00 or 90 minutes - $80.00 
Group sessions of 5 or more $15.00 per person
Payments accepted: Cash, Venmo, or Credit Cards

schedule your sessions with Mary at 559-250-5548


Begins with gentle stretching, Breath work, introduction of styles of meditation such as: walking circles, labrynth, art, meditation box, body scan, crystal singing bowls, creating morning altars…

I am a Rollin' Yogi, I bring Yoga to You!
Yoga is for Everybody, Everywhere

Why Yoga?

Yoga tends to our mind gardens allowing for ideas to sprout and love to grow. Through mindfulness, breathwork, and our moving meditative practice of yogic postures our I can’t mindsets that society and anxiety and stress has cultivated slows ebbs and reveals and I can attitude. Rollin’ Yogi’s purpose is to bring yoga to everybody – young, old, spry, hesitant. Yoga is accessible to everybody, everywhere. Staff retreats, corporate, and elementary classrooms are great places to incite hope and a sense of well-being through the practice of yoga. Among the benefits of yoga: digestion, stress relief, focus, clarity, and memory
 the greatest is the sense of love and community.

Chair Yoga

Designed for Seniors or those who need a little extra support in poses. We begin with breath work, stretching, balancing, Sun A Salutations, balancing, and meditation.

Yoga, Craft Granola, and Bliss Mist Essential Spray

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